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36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000×2

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36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2
36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2
36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2
36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2
36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2
36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2
36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2
36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2

36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2
Mini Ductless Split Air Conditioner 36000 BTU. 36000 BTU Dual Zone Energy Star Mini Split AC. 22 SEER Efficiency w/ Heat Pump Technology. With a 36000 BTU total Cool / Heat Capacity, the Thermocore T322D-H236-18+18 Energy Star mini split air conditioner can cool or heat 2 separate zones of 18000 & 18000 BTU for a total coverage area of 1800 ft² (900 ft² + 900 ft²). Most Energy Efficient Dual-Zone series in the market! A 22 SEER coupled with Inverter technology provides the benefits of low operation temps (-13F) as well as maximum energy efficiency. Includes 2 x 15ft Copper Linesets. 36,000 BTU INVERTER Heat Pump Capacity. 22 SEER – 9.8 HSPF – 12 EER / ENERGY STAR Certified. Pre-Charged with ECO-Friendly R410A. Indoor Unit – Air Handler. Outdoor Unit – Condenser of 27,000+ BTU Rated. Digital Multi-function LCD Remote Control. 15ft Copper Refrigeration Linesets. Product and Installation Manual. Rated Capacity of Condenser will be less than actual capacity in above configuration. Rated Capacity is not the same as Maximum Capacity. 22.5 SEER – 9.8 HSPF – ENERGY STAR. Most Energy Efficient Dual-Zone Series on Market. Dry-Mode removes moisture w/o affecting room temp. Cross Flow Technology reduces noise output. Compatible with over 5 Filtration medias. Freon Leak Detection > Notification system. Low Ambient Temperature Operation (-13° F). Two-direction Air vane Evenly Distributes Air. Restart IC: Settings restored Following Power Outage. Follow-Me Function tracks Remote Location. The particle filter or pre-filter removes dust and other air-borne pathogens before pushing the air through additional filtration medias and the refrigeration coil array. This filter is washable and comes factory installed with every ductless air conditioner system. The open channel construction of the 3M High Air Flow (HAF) filter offers low initial airflow resistance, while its unique microstructure and electrostatic charge provides effective particle capture and retention. This translates into fewer filter change outs and reduced coil cleaning. The Vitamin C Filtration media releases Vitamin C into the air which softens skin and reduces stress among other therapeutic benefits. A good choice for those wanting to add some invigoration to their indoor air environment. Filter lasts over 2 years. The anti-microbial effect of silver ionic technology kills allergy causing bacteria by destroying the inner configuration elements of the cell body. The nano-silver attached to the filter screen constantly releases silver ions which directly eliminates and prohibits bacteria from replicating. Eliminates odors such as ammonia and deactivates harmful chemicals has such as formaldehyde. By forming positive positions on the filter surface, Electrostatic Fiber traps small dust particles, smoke and pet dander to prevent allergic reactions and neutralize odor in the air. 230 V / 60 Hz / 1Ph. Dimensions (W x D x H). 42.5″ × 8.9″ × 13.2 inches. 36000 BTU (12k + 12k + 12k). 22 – 22.5. 13F to 122 F (cool and heat). R410A / 98.8oz Charge. 1/4″ x 3/8″ (3). Max Lineset Length (1 zone). Max Lineset Length (all zones). 37.25 × 16.14 × 34 inches. 15 Feet Flared Copper Tubing. 15 Feet Pipe Insulation. Drain Pipe (connected to Indoor). Pre-Filter’Particle’ Filtration Media. Wall Bracket for Indoor Unit x 2. For Alternate lineset sizes. Installation and User Manuals. Extend included 15 foot lineset to 25-30-40-50-65 feet. WHAT IS DC INVERTER? DC Inverter Air Conditioners are the ultimate cooling and heating technology of the HVAC field. They are called “DC inverter” because the alternative current (AC) is converted to Direct Current (DC) then, direct current inverted back to Alternative current with desired frequency. As known, the current supplied through the wall outlet has fixed frequency which is 60 Hertz. Different frequencies supplied to the compressor will result different running speeds of the compressor. YMGI Inverter control systems use Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) that is the most advanced and energy efficient method of inverting the current. DC Inverter air conditioners bear special compressors that their speed could be changed by increasing or decreasing the frequency of the supplied power. Therefore, unlike conventional split Air Contioners/Heat Pumps which cycle between on and off repeatedly, the DC Inverter control system will monitor the room temperature and adjust the compressor speed automatically. Conventional compressors turn on and off to maintain the room temperature at desired level. This will result compressor to draw tremendous energy each time it starts up. This will also reduce the life-span of the compressor and other components that are turning on and off. Once a conventional system is running, it runs at its maximum speed, consuming the maximum amount of energy in order to produce the maximum of cooling or heating to maintain the desired temperature. The system will then cycle between on and off in an effort to maintain this temperature. When a DC Inverter compressor initially starts up, it runs with a higher speed to bring the room temperature to desired level rapidly. Once the set temperature is reached, it slows down and adjust its capacity to counter the heat loss or heat gain of the building. By this way it will maintain a constant temperature. BASIC OVERVIEW: The indoor unit is hung like a picture frame approximately 6 – 8 feet above the floor usually on an exterior wall. A 2-3 inch hole must be made behind the indoor unit in the exterior wall to run the refrigerant copper tubing, electrical wires to the outside unit. Electrical Cables are NOT INCLUDED. The condensing unit comes pre-charged with R410A Freon however, procedures such as conducting leak tests etc. Are still important steps in ensuring proper functioning of a split AC. 5 Year Compressor – 1 Year on all other Parts Registration card will be sent with unit, this card should be completed by an HVAC technician (installer). Installation of a mini split must be completed by a licensed HVAC (Heating, ventilating, & air conditioning) company to ensure any issues encountered in the future are not due to improper installation / workmanship. Even though mini split setup is below the expertise requirements of central AC systems, these are not “plug-n-play” units that can be properly installed without certain tools any prior HVAC – electrical knowledge. The installation includes electrical, gas, and refrigerant connections and generally regulated by a multiple sets of laws, codes and guidelines, at the federal, state and local levels. The failure to properly install HVAC equipment can raise personal safety and performance concerns. If you receive a damaged or defective product, a replacement unit will be sent out Free of cost. SHIPS TO TO BOTH UNITED STATES AND CANADIAN LOCATIONS! SOMEBODY MUST BE ON SITE TO ACCEPT / SIGN FOR Order. Failure to provide valid contact# will delay order. Provides Flat even surface – Avoids debris obstruction. Lineset (1/4 x 1/2). Required for Installation 25ft – 30ft – 40ft – 50ft. Mount your condenser at any height on an outdoor sidewall. Required when mounting air handler on Interior wall. 16/4 Electrical Wire Harness – For Extending Evap. Spare remote controls for the T1 Series Ductless System. Inserts into Filter Screen Slot – Choice of 4 Filtration Medias. Permanently Hard Mounts – Controls Settings w/ Remote. The item “36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000×2″ is in sale since Tuesday, April 21, 2015. This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Home Improvement\Heating, Cooling & Air\Central Heating & Cooling Systems\Ductless Mini Split Systems”. The seller is “thermospace_acs” and is located in Warren, Michigan. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada.
  • Item Height: 34
  • Item Width: 37 in
  • Brand: Thermocore
  • BTU Heating Rating: 30000-39999 BTU
  • Model: Drain Hose
  • Number of Zones: 3
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 208/230 V
  • Item Depth: 16 in
  • Power Phase: 1 Phase
  • Area Covered: Greater Than 1000 sq ft
  • Timer Control: 24 Hours
  • Color: White
  • Features: Digital
  • Number of Compressors: 1
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 11.1-12
  • Smart Home Protocol: Powerline/UPB
  • Air Flow Volume: 2000-2999 CFM
  • Type: Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner
  • Number of Cool Speeds: Variable
  • Mounting Location: Wall
  • Blower Motor Speed: Variable Speed
  • Material: Aluminum
  • SEER Rating: 22
  • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE): 100%
  • Heating System: Heat Pump
  • Items Included: Drain Hose
  • Number of Heat Settings: Variable
  • Year Manufactured: 2019
  • Refrigerant: R-410a
  • BTU Cooling Rating: 25000 BTU or Greater
  • Compressor Type: Rotary & Impeller
  • Number of Fan Motors: 1
  • Control Style: Digital
  • Energy Star: Compliant
  • MPN: T322DH236

36,000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split AC Heat Pump 18000x2